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The “Roofing Sales Success Formula” to Sell & Close Consistently in 30 Days or Less… WITHOUT Feeling Pushy or Sleazy
Works for STORM Damage & RETAIL Roofs!

The “Be”

Becoming a 6-figure (or multi-six figure) earner...

The “Do”

By doing proven sales activities every day...

The “Say”

And saying the right things to pitch & close!

Use this formula and you will SMASH your income goal this year!

How “The Roofing Sales Success Formula”  Will Work For You 

The “Be”

Becoming a 6-figure (or multi-six figure) earner...
  • Who you are today is NOT the same person you will become!
  • Creating your “target” and your “why”
  • Developing balanced lifestyle goals
  • ​Embracing “personal development” as a way to earn even more income!
  • ​Staying motivated
  • ​Get mentally prepared for success
  • ​Learn how to overcome the obstacles you will face
  • ​Tracking your progress 

The “Do”

Doing proven sales activities every day...
  • Daily sales plan customized to yours income goal
  • Step-by-step sales strategy 
  • How to self-generate leads
  • ​ How to “crack open” a new neighborhood
  • ​Using the 25 sales opportunities from every customer to flip 1 sale into 10!
  • Direct mail sales letters
  • ​Door hanger letters 
  • ​How to create a 5-star worthy customer experience 
  • ​PLUS 260+ pieces of “plug and go” marketing material (Storm, Retail and in Spanish!)

The “Say”

Saying the right things to pitch & close!
  • The conversation-starting canvassing approach
  • The “SLAP” formula for pitching at the door
  • How to pitch at the door for the 7 scenarios 
  • ​How to get on roofs on the spot
  • How to overcome any objection using the “ARO” formula
  • ​How to get invited to the kitchen table
  • ​Nailing your 8-part presentation (for storm and retail)
  • ​The “CARPARK” closing formula 
  • ​Fastest, easiest way to get flooded with referrals 


You get access to The Roofing Sales Success Formula - every strategy, training, and all the marketing material from The Roof Strategist!


  • NO monthly or annual subscription fees
  • FREE access to all future updates and additions
  • INSTANT access!
Get Instant Access to This Complete Strategy Library

The “Be”

Becoming a 6-figure (or multi-six figure) earner...
“Roofing sales is personal development in disguise. The more you grow, the more you earn.” - Adam Bensman
  • Who you are TODAY is not the same person you WILL BECOME. 
  • All of these programs will help you develop personally and professionally. 
  • Everything you’ll be doing is based around YOUR income goal - the ultimate motivation.

The “Do”

Doing proven sales activities every day...
  • Marketing Battle Pack: 260+ pieces of "Plug and Go" sales material to generate your own leads and make even more sales! For both storm and retail. Also translated to Spanish! 
*Includes 26 direct mail sales letters for storm and retail! 
  • Complete SALES Strategy: A custom, daily plan and everything you need to SMASH your income goal in the next 9 months!
*Includes a “Personal Daily Sales Plan Formula,” printable sales checklists, and step-by-step instructions. 

The “Say”

Saying the right things to pitch & close!
  • Complete CANVASSING Strategy: Using the “SLAP” formula to start easy conversations at the door - for every scenario you’ll face.
*Includes printable SLAP Formula cheat sheet + Complete CANVASSING Strategy Guide. 
  • Complete OBJECTION Strategy: Using the “ARO” objection handling formula and how to use it to overcome any objection, without skipping a beat!
*Includes printable Objection Library cheat sheet + Complete OBJECTION Strategy Guide.
  • Complete CLOSING Strategy: How to run a sales appointment start-to-finish. Learn the “CARPARK” closing formula - everything to do and say from the minute you meet, to leaving the house with a signed deal. 
*Includes printable CARPARK Formula reference cheat sheet to bring into sales appointments. 

VIDEOS: All strategies are delivered in video format with supplementary guides, cheat sheets, and downloads.

RESOURCES: All supporting material, guides, cheat sheets, and the Marketing Battle Pack can be downloaded and edited.

MOBILE FRIENDLY: Everything is viewable on mobile devices. You will need a laptop or computer to download and edit the marketing materials.

Even More PROOF It Works?

21 Reasons This Is NOT Like Other Solutions

(100% based on real user feedback)

  • It’s simple to use.
  • You can be fully “battle ready” in 2 days or less.
  • You’re investing in proven, start-to-finish pitching, objection handling, and closing strategies that cover everything you need. 
  • NO subscription fees - you own it! 
  • ​All of the marketing material is provided (just “plug and go”)
  • ​It’s not “a bunch of good information and training” in a massive library.  
  • ​It’s a step-by-step, linear system.
  • ​You get a customized daily sales plan built around your income goal. 
  • ​Proven capable of making a brand new rookie a $1 million dollar (or more) producer in his/her first year. 
  • ​The videos are engaging and fast-paced.
  • ​It’s not pushy and not sleazy.
  • ​This sales approach is natural and conversational (even for people without sales experience).
  • ​These sales strategies are education based. 
  • ​Customers actually like it (and that’s why they choose you). 
  • ​It works like Netflix - pick up exactly where you left off.
  • ​You will break through the generic practices used by competitors. 
  • ​Separate material for storm and retail sales. 
  • ​It covers literally everything you need for selling like crazy.
  • ​It will fast-track your success because you will be prepared for success. 
  • ​It’s fast to get through (no fluff). 
  • ​You can start using these strategies in the field right away!

Pricing Summary

  • Instant Access to EVERYTHING You Need!
  • Ready to implement within 30 days or less!
  • LEAD generation marketing material (260+ pieces including my flagship "under the radar" direct mail letters) in the Marketing Battle Pack (just 'plug and go'). 
  • Complete CANVASSING Strategy: Using the “SLAP” formula to start easy conversations at the door - for every scenario you’ll face. 
  • Your Complete SALES Strategy: Step-by-step sales formula to "crack open" a neighborhood and turn 1 sale into many -- maximizing every single sales opportunity possible! (works on mobile) $447 Value
  • Complete OBJECTION Strategy: Using the “ARO” objection handling formula and how to use it to overcome any objection, without skipping a beat!
  • Your Complete CLOSING Strategy: The 'CARPARK Closing Formula' for both storm and retail. Everything to say and do from "hello" to "YES!" Including the perfect presentation! (works on mobile) $447 value
  • ALL supplementary guides, cheat sheets, checklists, and downloadable material
  • ​Insane ROI! Make your investment back on your very next sale! 
  • NO subscription fees!

TOTAL VALUE = $7,987

Your Investment
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How Can You Price This So Low?

I run as lean as possible so I can pass those savings on to you! My mission is to support the “underserved” segment of the roofing and storm restoration industry - individual sales reps and growing companies. This industry transformed my life, and I wish I had access to strategies and marketing material to help me fast-track my success and skip the expensive learning curve. My goal is to support the people and companies who need affordable options more than anyone else. It’s time to create equal opportunities for all of us to use this industry to transform our lives and make a great living doing it!

What Should I Expect as an ROI?

On your very next sale, you’ll earn your investment back. Every sale after that is straight profit, and then some! And by hitting your income goal (or even getting dang close to it) would make this one of the most profitable investments of your life. Do it again and again year after year and it will be more valuable than anything you’ve ever invested in. Strong claim, right? How much could you earn this year? Do it for 2 years, 3 years, or more… Then do the math. You be the judge. How much could this investment make you?

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Try it 100% RISK FREE! That’s why I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so you can try everything with complete confidence. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, simply shoot me an emailing explaining what isn’t working. I’ll either personally coach you through it to help you make more sales (at no charge), or I’ll refund 100% of your money.

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